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MORE accuracy.

MORE savings.


Bringing global access to the information that drives your manufacturing business, CaptureMore provides Industry 4.0 control to the way your work gets done. With one single source of truth throughout the entire life of a tooling project, anytime, anywhere CaptureMore is the solution your workflow has been waiting for.


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Asset information, Simplified

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Asset information, simplified.

A legacy in manufacturing. A future in technology.

With a collective 200+ years of manufacturing industry experience, we’ve seen companies struggle to achieve accurate asset information. We saw a better solution and weren’t afraid to break the rules to create it. Teaming up with a group of tech-experts as obsessed with problem-solving as we are, together, we created CaptureMore: a seamless asset information app bringing you part-level information for the entire lifecycle of your parts.


ToolStats 2.0: For MORE access to information
CaptureMore’s app, ToolStats, provides one single location for tooling information. This assures your entire team is working from the most current data throughout the design, build, production, and service of your asset. No MORE thumb drives, spreadsheets, or delays. ToolStats provides the control and accessibility that saves companies millions of dollars in mistakes a year.

The app provides me with the entire DNA and history of our asset with just the scan of a code, we are never without our information.

-Plant Manager at Tier 2 Automotive Supplier

Based on one average 40-week tool & part design, build, & validation project.

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CaptureAssets 3.0: For MORE real-time information accuracy
Coming soon: The future of manufacturing asset information that prevents mistakes across your entire supply chain. With new innovations and features, the CaptureAssets app seamlessly gives you real-time asset information for the entire lifecycle of your project. It’s more than a new app—it's a new way to achieve MORE collaboration, MORE accuracy, and MORE savings.